PH/ps Cutting stack whata think?

  1. PH/ps Cutting stack whata think?

    6 Week cutting stack--

    Epistane 20/40/40/40/40/40
    Trenadrol or Trena Xtreme 30/60/90/90/90/90
    11-oxo 6 caps a day either 2/2/2 or 3/3 at 6 weeks

    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Lean Xtreme 1/1/1
    Acitavate Xtreme 1/2/1/1
    Cycle Support

    THat was my plan but im not sure if this would be the best 3 cutting agents to mix to get lean as possible! throw your ideas and comments here folks! thanks!

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  3. give it a little more time than 8 minutes on a Sunday

    2nd week of Epi should be at 30 mg instead of a straight jump from 20 to 40. IMO

    Run cycle support throughout cycle not just during pct and preload as well if possible.

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    Perhaps you should try posting in the correct section ?

  5. i dk sounds like almost more of a lean bulk since u have tren in it. tren can give alot of weight gain especially stacked with epistane. my cut cycle right now is:

    Epistane 30/30/30/30
    MAN Scorch 6 caps a day
    X-Lean 3 caps a day

    first week on it and i can already see results

    epistane and 11-oxo i think would be good if you ran epistane at 30mgs and 11-oxo 6 caps the whole time. also furazadrol and epistane would be good but furazadrol needs to be dosed very high and can be expensive.



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