Animal Flex

  1. Animal Flex

    does anyone have any experience with this product good or bad that they could share. Just wondering how well it "repairs" ligaments/tendons?? are the effects long-lasting??
    theres hardly any info up on this product and i thought it might be interesting to get some response!

  2. i am interested also ... havent heard much on this and would like to hear some feed back

  3. On my 3rd can of it, I do think it helps with joints, I dont seem to be as tender after some workouts, elbows dont seem to bother as much on heavy skulls or knees on heavy squats etc.

    I dont have any pre-existing joint problems, just regular training use.

    If you decide to go another route, you may want to look into Cissus. A friend of mine takes AN's Osteobolan-C (sp?) and she has said the pain she had in her feet has gone away, but her hip and knees still bother her. She has had a lot of previous injuries though, including a hip replacement.

  4. animal flex was great ta me! it takes like 3 weeks to really feel it.
    i have chronic elbow tendenotis only animal flex helps me to heel it ;also tried every cissus usplabs, primaforce, bulk! but it didnt help as animalflex, by the way cissus products are great for me when it comes to cortisol control and recovery.
  5. Thumbs up

    Animal Flex is an excellent product. i stack that with one supercissus a day, and my knees do not bother me. It did take around 3 weekes to kick in, but when it does, you know. Also helped with elbow pain as well.



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