Albuterol Dosage

  1. Albuterol Dosage

    Hey, looking for some input.

    I have been taking albuterol for 2 weeks now. I started with 2mg x 3 per day, and I have worked up to 6mg x 4 per day.

    My problem is, I have yet to feel anything. From time to time, I think that my hand might be a bit jittery, but I think thats psychological. I've never been sensitive to stimulants at all.

    Anyone who has used albuterol, do you think I should increase the dosage even higher? Also, to anyone that has used the same product, did you find that it tastes sweet, much like a grape medicine?

    Appreciate any help, thanks.

  2. I don't know dosages, but I do know that it can taste sweet and that it's not a stimulant.
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  3. I was just referring to the stimulant like effects that many people notice. I do appreciate the taste information, it's good to know I wasn't just sold grape juice, although my research showed that many people stand behind the supplier.

  4. Don't expect the jittery sides you get from clen. I've ran albuterol a couple times and have rarely felt any physical sides (I started to around 6mg, 4x a day @ every 3 hours - I'm pretty sure it's because I was dosing it fairly close together).

    I wouldn't up the dose anymore. All you're going to do is ramp up you BP.

    While albuterol dose help and does it's job, it's a lot more mild than clen.

  5. I'm pretty sensitive to the stim effects. I can't do clen unless I'm on vacation from work, too shaky even @ 40mcg.

    I can tolerate Albuterol 4mg, TID but I do have some minor but noticeable shakiness.

    The flavor will depend on manufacturer. My hampster prefers the grape by reputable people.
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  6. do a search... i know there are a few looong albuteral threads from a few months back.


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