Too many stims...?

  1. Too many stims...?

    hey guys. I just invested in a bottle of levi to help out on the cut I'm running. I just opened a bottle of RPM a few days ago and had been using it as my Pre-WO supp, but didn't realize how much caffeine that would mean if used alongside levi. What are your guys thoughts on taking the two simultaneously (i picked up some reset as well)? Any suggestions for a non-stim pre-wo supp?

  2. you can use them together if your not too sensitive to the caffeine, but id be carefull. You can space them out throughout the day also so your not taking them at the same time.

    If your looking for a non-stim preworkout id look into Caffeine-Free Ragnorak.

  3. it depends on your tolerance to stims, for me 2levi/2rpm/1reset was a gret pre-workout dose. plus it makes the rpm go further, at my body weight 220, 6 pills at a time makes the bottle go waay too fast. for non-stim look at recreate, most loggers report the stim effect is mild.

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