type of protein during low carb diets

  1. type of protein during low carb diets

    it is ok to take SYNTHA-6 as a protein during the phase of a low carb diet? i asking this because since this protein comes with 13 grams of carbs so i was wondering if its ok to take during a low carb diet....this is my diet:....... thanks

    upon weaking up: 1) before cardio session.... 1 scoop whey protein, bcca

    breakfast ( 8 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter)

    snack ( 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese, 1 onz unsalted peanuts, 1 cup broccoli)

    lunck ( 2 canned tuna in water, 1 cup broccoli, 1 tbsp olive oil)

    pre workout ( 1 scoops whey protein , 1 tbsp peanut butter, bcaa)

    post workout ( 3 scoops whey protein, bcaa)

    dinner ( fish or ground turkey 99% lean or chicken, 1 cup greens, 1 tbsp olive oil or 2 whole eggs )

    late nite snack ( 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheesse , 1tbsp peanut butter , bcaa)

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    If it is not a ketogenic diet then there is no worries really. You can always find a no carb protein. It's always my personal preference to get very low to no carb protein so I can add carbs as I feel.

    If it were me I would eliminate the pre cardio shake and keep the pre cardio BCAA. You could maybe make up the calories and protein by adding the shake back into your pre workout. Or if you must, then post cardio.

    The thing is that that carb source is likely sugar. - LitesseŽII Polydextrose, TicaloseŽ Cellulose Gum, Sucralose - I suspect are various forms of sweeteners and sugars.

    Curious? 2 cans of tuna at lunch? That equates to 75g of protein. I eat exactly the same meal but with only one can.

  3. if it is meant to be ketogenic, it does look like too much protein, not enough fats.

    I think the syntha 6 should be reserved for at best immediate post workout in a low carb dieting scenario

  4. well i am into a ketogenic diet.....you think its better just to take it in my carb load days only?i just bought it i think a can buy another protein and save that one for carb load days...... i eat two cans of tuna because thats the only way i feel full so its important for me feel full because after lunch a got to flight and its very umcomfortable to me flying with hunger lol.....

  5. have you worked out the math for calories + protein intake? cause it looks to be too high on proteins for a keto diet.

  6. not really.....you think it could be better to do some math?

    when i started my diet my fat intake was higher but i started to lose my abs so i went down a little bit...i do have notice an increase in mass and lose of fat and an increase in libido incredible is this a effect on an ketogenic diet? also my energy levels havent went down i train pretty good my energy levels are not bad....also how much time should i be in this type of diet? i just ordered leviathan reloaded and after that in thinking in ordered rpm+ drive+ ANABOLIC PUMP
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    I usually use a half of a 1lb pound bag of broccoli and cauliflower. It equates 2.5 servings of 2/3 cups for roughly 1.75 cups. Maybe double up on your vegetables. It's not a bad thing to have that much protein but it might be better served split up..or not. Whatever works.

    Yeah, if you are going keto then you need to drop that protein.

    Here some choices - http://www.nutraplanet.com/search?vi...uery=zero+carb

    As well we have True Protein and All The Whey as board sponsors.

    Good luck.


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