Heart Health / Liver Protection

  1. Heart Health / Liver Protection


    I put up a few combos for heart health and liver protection that you might want. I am a big advocate of being safe, so I made them as cheap as possible for you. Here is the link... just a combo of CoQ10 and Hawthorn for the heart and Milk Thistle and NAC for the liver. Best of luck!



  2. Very good to see that bro, good to see you guys stressing health supplements in addition to bodybuilding supplements.

  3. This is near and dear to me cuz I had a friend die from roids and shall we say hard living... I want people to be safe, not risk their future when for $17 you can protect yourself. As has been said heart disease is the biggest scare from roids/ph's. These are two good supps that will help protect you from damage.


  4. ok this is something i never was told or could find..suggested dosages??

  5. 1 CoQ10 per day and 4-6 Hawthorn caps.


  6. milk thistle and nac?

  7. That is subjective... but I take Milk Thistle and NAC 1 Capsule 3 times a day of each.



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