fish oil and CLA

  1. fish oil and CLA

    Im Taking Fish Oil And Cla At Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner It Is Ok To Take Them Together At The Same Time? Thanks


  2. i take mine together too

  3. its alright. wrouldnt hurt to spread the dosage and play around with what you like best. i reaad a bad article on CLA at work the other day
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  4. oh really....can you tell us about the article

  5. I've read some bad things about insulin resistance related to cla, but supposedly fish oil counters this effect. I've been doing the fish oil, cla combo for maybe a month with cla at 4 grams(2 morning 2 night) and fish oil (2 morning 2 night) but haven't really noticed anything great so far.

  6. i just start taking cla like a 3 weeks ago and i see a little reduction in fat on the lower abs


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