Anyone tried a 3-ad /havoc stack yet?

  1. Anyone tried a 3-ad /havoc stack yet?

    Im currently on week 1 of an epi cycle and i was considering adding 3-ad in something like the following fashion

    week 1: 20mgs epistane e/d
    week 2: 30 mgs epi e/d, 500mgs 3-ad e/d
    week 3: 30 mgs epi e/d, 500 mgs 3-ad e/d
    week 4: 40 mgs epi e/d, 500 mgs 3-ad e/d
    week 5: 500 mgs 3-ad, start arimidex to prevent rebound gyno
    week 6: pct by ai, nolva or 1 mg arimidex (not sure which i wanna use) and some kre alkalyn
    week 7: continue pct by ai, .5 mg arimidex, kre alkalyn
    week 8: pct by ai and kre alkalyn

    any thoughts?
    anyone stacked epi/havoc with 3-ad yet?

  2. i plan on running it late summer, after i run 3ad stand alone in a month or so.

  3. you might get more feedback if you post this in the steroids section of the forum.

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