Lookin' to build some serious mass! Help a brotha out

  1. Lookin' to build some serious mass! Help a brotha out

    I'm currently doing Heavy Duty HIT for my workout program.
    I'm eating a lot more and have been eating the basic staple foods.
    Been working out for about 4 years now i really want to bulk up,
    I'm a hard gainer so I'm looking for something to help me out a little.
    I was thinking of taking Hyperdrol or Anabolic pump....i'm not sure which one would benefit me more. I'm open to any other suggestions anyone might have.

    btw, I'm 18.
    6'2 170lbs

  2. just eat, hyperdrol wont do much for you, our test levels are probably through the roof. AP worked for me, but you have to time it correctly and eat lots. Dont worry about fat gains. Try to keep it clean if your bulking up to prevent fat gains. Fat will come, its part of bulking, but with a high calorie diet with (CLEAN) food you will grow. bring up the intesnsity and drop the cardio. It's good for cardiovascular health and all, but lets face it, if your 500 calories over your maintenance calories and your losing 300 calories per day on cardio, your not really bulking much. A 10 min FAST run will be suffice to keep you in shape cardiovascular wise.

  3. 6'2 170 god damn that is skinny, you need to eat and eat and eat. Maybe look into a cytogainer or something of that sort. Yea I wouldnt do much cardio if I was you either, if you want to bulk up. I would suggest 250+ protein grams a day if you really want to bulk up but we can see what others think. good luck, I wouldnt take any steroid or pro hormone since you are 18 and you dont want to **** ur testies up, yet atleast. heh

  4. There's no such thing as a hard gainer.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger1 View Post
    There's no such thing as a hard gainer.
    oh btw i ment to write Weight Gainer cyto sport is one I believe but look up some Weight Gainers and see what looks good.

  6. Yeah, I figured as much about the hyperdrol. I started bulking a month ago and gained about 10lbs I'm looking to get up to 200. I'm not to worried about Cardio ive been doing it the past 3 years and I think i can live without it until I want to cut. I recently got a Cytogainer and Syntha-6 for bedtime since it has casien in it.

    But I think i wanna go for the AP I just have to make sure i get the timing down right.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger1 View Post
    There's no such thing as a hard gainer.
    Oh? maybe I should have put Ectomorph?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ch4zl33 View Post
    btw, I'm 18.
    6'2 170lbs

    whats your bodyfat %? If its low you should just constantly eat ALL day long. Nothing is goin to bulk you up like dead animal, whole grains, and vegetables.

    Im sure you were looking for suppX to get you huge but contrary to muscletech ads it takes years.

  9. try eating more fats, natty PB is great tasting and will add quality cals to ur diet and can go with any meal as a "desert". also when u cook a bowl of oats while it is cooling down just add another 1/2 cup dry to the already cooked, what im trying to get at is EAT!!! thats all u can do at this point, at most get some Protein powder and creatine

  10. thanks =D, yeah i know eat anything and everything in site. I tried taking shots of cottage cheese today. GOD! that stuff is gross


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