Good creatine product replacement

  1. Good creatine product replacement

    Hey all, I am currently using CEE from BN and it works well, but frankly it tastes like rat poison. I just wanted some recommendations for a good creatine product to get next which is free of caffeine. I have heard Green Magnitude is a good product, I also want something that will not cause bloating so that is very important as well. Cellmass was also recommended and there are others like Dymatize Xpand caffeine free. What else should I look at or are one of these the better choice?


  2. green mags good, but you could try np's capped cee The Official AnabolicMinds Supplement Store

  3. I would say either keep using clout and mix in some crystal light or try out caffeine free Ragnarok or MAN Clout (both have solid profiles).

    Also from personal experience SNS is coming out with a newer version of CVM Xtreme (I used the original and loved it). Although it won't be out for like 3 months keep an eye out.

  4. i was going to mention caff free rag but he didn't specify if he wanted a pre w/o supp w/ creatine in it i figured he just wanted straight creatine.

  5. more of a anytime, pre/post is what i'm interested in

  6. well the rag is kind of an all in 1 product you don't really need to take in any other creatine if your taking the rag.

  7. I just tried a sample of Evolution X10 by Star Chem labs, wow that stuff is delicious, but it only had creatine mono, and it's really pricy for only 1.2 pounds.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tim1985 View Post
    well the rag is kind of an all in 1 product you don't really need to take in any other creatine if your taking the rag.

    Unless ur taking ragnarok 7 days a wk u would need a creatine for your off days. I take stim free rag on workout days and green mag off days.

  9. Check out the "Neovar has completed it's recomp" thread in the company promo section.

    The upcoming Neovar FTW any day.

  10. i just stopped using it last week and i was working out everyday so i was taking it 7 days a week, but i still was taking cee bofore going to sleep. i was just stating to him that its not absolutely necessary to supplement creatine along with the rag

  11. anyone know where I can find crystal light for cheap in bulk.. safeway has the little boxes with packets but they are like 5 bucks each and i'm going to need alot to finish this tub of CEE

  12. try wall-marts brand, or you can do what i did. i would wrap some cee in a small piece of a napkin, and wash it down with some water.

  13. bulknuts cee does taste horrible, scoop it and throw it down like a shot, and green mag is a solid choice, i currently am running a log using green mag and purple wraath and love it

  14. ZOMG people are saying BN! Blasphemy! Hear no evil speak no evil.



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