Whats do you guys think of this stack?

  1. Whats do you guys think of this stack?

    I have bin bodybuilding for about 4-5 years now and compete in the INBF. I just had a show (april 19) and am now look to add some LEAN mass for the summer. What do you guys think of this supp stack?

    PowerFull, Anabolic Pump, Super Cissus, Nitrix, Omega 3, Flax oil, Multi, X-tend, Waxy Maize.

    Do you think it would do any good to add RPM and Drive with the USPlabs supps to enhance test levels even more. Or do you think its over kill? Thanks

  2. I think that stack sucks.

    j/k I think its an awesome stack. Add in some whey protein of course. I'm also not a big fan of nitrix though. I would drop it and add the RPM

  3. Thanks lol....yeah i forgot to mention the protein that i use. I use American Whey by American sports nutrition. Its 100% whey protein with no 25g protein per scoop, .05g of fat, 6g carbs, No SODIUM.

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