p slin or RPM

  1. p slin or RPM

    which should i take...RPM or p slin

  2. lol, you didnt post stats, you didnt post experience, diet, whats your goal, what kind of results your looking for, what kind of supps your looking for. those 2 supps you mentioned are for 2 diferent things. and you could had make an opinion by doing a simpel search in the site and youll find info in what each one of them do,

  3. kinda 2 different things..
    im taking p slin now on my second bottle. never had any thing like it.

  4. preworkout supp vs carbohydrate repartitioner...Which would you choose?

  5. iv never tried p slin but rpm is awesome but they are both in a different category in a way

  6. Take both.

  7. p slin is best when takin with bcaa's and creatine.

    i guess u could use rpm as a sub for a pre work out NO but again 2 diff things only thing in common is the pre work out hype n energy that u get from both.

    id go NO product + p slin + bcaa's for 60 days and then run a sick stack with RPM + Drive + how ever far u are willing to go.

    should put out some incredible work outs with explosive increase in strength and some nice gains.

  8. Agreed with above. RPM and Pslin are 2 different products that both work extremely well. Pslin is going to put your carsb to better use and keep them from spilling over into fat, while RPM will give you the explosiveness and energy to truch through the most difficult of workouts. They compliment each other very well, giving you some incredible pumps, strength, energy, and fat loss which leads to denser, more defined looking muscles!


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