1. Hrm.

    I'm an ectomorph looking to gain weight. I eat a LOT. And I eat healthy. I do not gain weight. I take ON 100% Whey Protein, and Creatine Mono. I have noticed strength gains, but my body mass stays the same.

    So, should I buy a weight gainer..? Like Mass XXX from gnc or something? (Yes, I'm aware GNC sucks, but I don't feel like ordering online right now.)

    Help me gain weight!

  2. http://www.****************/product/o....html?sel=1021
    GNC, or wherever, you decide to buy should have this. On top of your 3 square meals, drink two of these shakes. Also make sure you are getting in enough calories, and protein. I made some pretty solid gains on this stuff. Also unless you are allergic or intolerant, also mix your shakes in milk for the added cals.

  3. Post up your diet so we can take a look.

  4. I am just going to throw this out there. I have a bunch of buddies that are hard core ectos and they think they eat a lot and blah blah blah and there probably around max on a good day 3000 calories. Not cornering you into this but I have a feeling you may be short changing your cal needs.

    Post up your daily nutrition and such so we can see what its like.

    As far as gainers your 100000x better off making your own. From taste all the way to quality nutritional sources they will beat every gainer on the market then come back around and slap them for good measure. Just throw some pb, fruit, milk, cottage cheese, protein powder, oats, and anything else you like and you have a instant, hardy, nutritional powerhouse.

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