Epistane - Post Workout Meal

  1. Epistane - Post Workout Meal

    I've seen a great deal on PCT, pulsing vs. ED, and logs w/ Epistane. I havent' seen that much about nutrition while on Epi, so I figured I'd open this thread to air the issue as nutrition is just as important to the serious bodybuilding as any of the above.

    I'm busy planning the nuts and bolts of an epistane cycle, and am interested to hear any ideas you may have regarding the best post workout meals. Whey, of course, is a must as well as sufficient carbs. Any thoughts on MRP vs. whole foods. Some of this obviously depends on the person, goals and current weight/body composition....so, I'm 5'9, 212 w/ 10% bodyfat looking to bulk up before running a strict cutting diet, training regimen, etc.

    Also, any tips on ED nutrition while on Epistane as well as timing would be much appreciated.

  2. I carb/protein for breakfast, carb up before workouts, and after i carb/protein and for dinner i carb/protein. Im not on epistane right now but this will be how i diet on epistane.

  3. just eat clean, depending on cut/bulk either eat +500 cals or -500 cals

  4. Definitely. I've got my diet pretty well mapped out. Just trying to figure out how much of my calories I want to load post workout and whether a 400 cal. MRP would be any better than a well proportioned whole food meal.

    Thanks for the advice guys.

  5. i would consume the majority of carbs for the day anytime before ur workout



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