deeper sleep??

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  1. deeper sleep??

    is there any supplements or sleep aids that will help someone sleep deaper??

    my roomates wake me up at least 2 times a night and i have trouble going back to sleep.....

  2. Well they do make a baseball bat supplement that your roommate could take
    Seriously, melatonine might help..

  3. i read a few other threads about sleep aids...

    melatonin sounded good but everyone said that when you woke up in the morning it was like waking up in a fog...

    people said good things about ZMA too...but most of it sounded like it made you go to sleep easier...

    i don't have a problem going to sleep it is staying asleep...

  4. When I was taking ZMA, I slept great. Some nights I would stay in the same position the whole night, and have those deep red marks on me. But, it also made me feel hungover when I woke up. Others say taking a zinc supp before bed is just the same thing as ZMA and for a cheaper price, but I have recently tried it after using ZMA for awhile but no good. Try and get one of those noisemakers along w/ a descent fan, that will help too.

  5. Zanaflex works for me. But it is prescription.

  6. Get some ear plugs. Seriously, those things have gotten me through years of college dorms, noisy neighbors, barking dogs, etc...

  7. Since I work shift work, nights ect....I always have problems sleeping. I mostly use benedryl or unisom.....generic brands of course. They help you sleep and stay asleep.
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  8. 1000mg of magnesium and 50mg zinc before bed. Basically ZMA, costs less, just more magnesium. Many times I don't even wake for my nightly piss; gotta piss like a racehorse when I wake up in the AM.

  9. i think i might try ZMA...

    i was looking and ZMA is not that expensive...10 bucks for a months worth...that isin't bad in my book

    my question is if i buy some zinc and magnesium and take them seprately will it basically be ZMA or does the third ingredient really make a difference??

    they make the claims that it increases your natural test levels so would it be good to just go for the ZMA and get the sleep aid and increased test levels??...or...should i just save my money and get the zinc and magnesium because the third ingredient doesn't make a difference??

  10. L-theanine. Search it up

  11. I don't feel a difference. In fact I think I'm sleeping better this way with the added magnesium.

  12. melatonin at 6mgs worked for me but im older late 20's my gf takes it and shes 5 years younger than i and she does not get the same effects i do at all.
    l-tryptophan works at 500mgs for every 50lbs u can get it at for your dog..hint hint
    there is a product called doz made by icon that sells i have used it and it worx very very well the main ingredient is something called cordious b i think it really kicks ass..forgot about it and then came across it surfing the other night gonna pick some up for myself soon

  13. Yeah, its basically up to the user man. I'd say try out the seperate vit/mins at first and if no help just go w/ the ZMA. Like I said, I tried it but didn't do much as the ZMA did. Some people just respond better.

    Jcc, heh I know what you mean by hte nightly pi$$. Recently I get up once every few nights and since I was in such a deep sleep, I almost run into walls and knock $hit over cuz I'm so sleepy eyed.

  14. I've found that taurine has worked wonders for my sleep patterns. During my superone+ cycle I often found myself waking up twice a night to take a leak, but upon supplementing with taurine at 5-10 grams before bed I would generally sleep through the night uninterrupted. But damn did I have to take a massive piss upon waking!

  15. Melatonin's da bomb!

  16. I've tried melatonin as well, but didn't really care for the results that it gave. I found that it did little to put me to sleep, and would just essentially make me groggy. The groggy effects carried on well into the next day, feeling like a hangover of sorts. That's definitely not what I'm looking for.

    For a good prescription sleep aid I tried out one called "Zopiclone". I'm not sure whether that's a generic drug name or a specific brand, but I found that stuff works awesome for me, as it puts me down hard and doesn't leave any residual tiredness the next day as well.

  17. Max, good call on the taurine. Cheap as hell, and taken in the right dose, will leave you stumbling to bed.

  18. 5-htp works well for a lot of people
  19. PC1
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    I guess we're all different...... I'm a huge fan of Melatonin. I awake more refreshed and alert when taking it versus not taking it.

  20. hey pc1 did you get in a knife fight? ?? whats that large gash on your upper right arm??

  21. taurine at 10 grams before beds kicks one i have tried so as hell from BAC too

  22. How about L-Ornithine? I use it with 500mg of alcar at bedtime and it makes a HUGE difference... My sleep is so much better.

    A lot of guys also report much enhanced sleep on this. It is supposed to make you release more GH.

    About the ZMA stimulating testosterone, I think that comes from research in middle-aged men. You won't notice a difference in your test levels, I can assure you that much.

    L-Ornithine with melatonin would be kick-ass, I think. Cheap, too.

  23. Luna, talk a little bit more about the alcar/ornithine. Do you do it on a COMPLETELY empty stomach? Don't think I could deal with that.

    I have heard that insulin is what interferes with it, and I don't eat carbs before bed anyways...

  24. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I usually don't eat anything 1 hour prior to bedtime, but sometimes I go to sleep with as little as 30 minutes since the last food ingestion, which is usually 40g whey protein with a banana and fruit juice.

    I kinda think it does raise my GH levels, as my face seems younger since I've started taking it about 40 days ago. Then again, I'm 36 so it might not make a noticeable difference for the young people here.

    As far as sleep quality goes, I must say it is MUCH improved. Once I gave some to this girl friend of mine who is 24 and the next morning when she woke up she said something like "WHOA, I don't remember sleeping that deeply, EVER! What the HECK did you give me?"... and "I still feel like I'm about to fall back into sleep at any moment, too..." I replied to this "As soon as you move around a little, that impression just VANISHES". She agreed.

    So I can say I'm definitely not alone in seeing this. Moreover, a 4-month supply of L-Ornithine is only $11 at Some other stores such as and BAC may even have it cheaper. I'd really, really like to hear about results of this combined with melatonin... And maybe taurine? Anyone?

  25. I sure sleep like a champ with 500mg alcar and 10g taurine. I think I'll go pick up some ornithine today.

    Theanine surprisingly didn't do a lot for me.


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