deeper sleep??

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    Originally posted by Jedi Master
    hey pc1 did you get in a knife fight? ?? whats that large gash on your upper right arm??

    Yeah, I was attacked last Fall, a guy came after my wife and I when we went into Boston for dinner one night. I pulled it out and stuck him right in the ass with it, turning and twisting as I went ...........

    Sorry, just kidding

    I have a few such scars, but no, no knife fight

    Last Fall I avulsed my right pec major tendon, meaning I tore it right off my right arm bone. Got stuck bench pressing, and thought I'd blast it off my chest. Blast I did, then rrrrrrip.

    The scar was from surgery to reattach it. I'm 100% healed though, and even stronger than I was at that time, so a happy ending at least.

  2. Have you guys found that taking the alcar that close to bed interferes with your ability to get to sleep? I haven't tried out alcar close to bed as of yet, but I know that during the day it has very noticable energizing effects, and I suspect that ingesting it close to bedtime would prevent me from being able to sleep.

  3. Yes, but then the taurine drags me right back down. Takes a LITTLE longer to sleep than usual.

  4. Me, well I'm one of the unlucky alcar users : I get just about ZERO effect from it. My thoughts get a LITTLE bit more active, is all. I take the alcar with the L-Ornithine because a study on ONE subject had results of much higher GH levels doing this than just the Ornithine. Beats me if it really works for most people, though...

  5. Hey, here goes nothing. It's been 3 hours since my last meal, and I just popped 500mg alcar/30mg ornithine. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

  6. let me know how it goes i need something to help me sleep better too.

  7. I only got 5 hours of sleep (had to work early in the morning), but I have had ALL kinds of energy today. Typically I crash and burn for an hour after I get home from work, and/or take a quick nap at lunch. Today though, I've been going strong from 5:30am.

    It's now 11:15pm and I'm just barely winding down. I think this warrants another try tonight.

  8. So, how did that work out?

  9. I'll be doing this from now on.

  10. Originally posted by wojo

    l-tryptophan works at 500mgs for every 50lbs
    only problem with this is l-trypto taken orally doesnt easily cross the blood-brain barrier.. which is why 5-htp is considered a much better alternative since its easily carried accross and releases l-trypto.. i havent personally tried 5-htp but probably will soon.. also wanna try theanine.. oh and ive tried alcar with orthine and it didnt help me out at all.. still was tired as hell after even 8 hours of sleep

  11. if u really think 5-htp is better u dont know what ur missing.personally looking into a cheap theanine although taurine is working phenominal

  12. bump on the ornithine! - I take it w/out alcar before bed (alcar will keep me up). I usually eat my last meal of cottage cheese or a casein shake, then about an hour later take the ornithine. It doesn't make me that sleepy - at least not like melatonin, but once I go to sleep it's much deeper, and if I'm awakened, I can easily doze back off. Ornithine and the anarchy stack have made a huge difference in my sleep patterns.


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