VPX fiberteq

  1. VPX fiberteq

    hey guys i just picked up a tub of vpx fiberteq, looks like a pretty solid formula, just looking for some feedback from people who've used it at what dose and how often do you use it? also it says not to take supplements that are fat soluble within one hour prior or four hours after taking this? would any of these supps fall into that category?

    mass fx

    thanks for the help i tried searching around the forum for any info on this but there wasn't much


  2. It is a solid product, one of the only VPX products I use. Take 1 or 2 scoops a day. Don't take it at the same time with other supplements, fat soluble or not.

  3. do you just take it by itself in water between meals? how far away from supplementation do you usually take it?

  4. In water, with or between meals, and about 1 hour or so from taking supplements



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