6 oxo

  1. 6 oxo

    i have some 6 oxo as a stand alone.. i have never taken it before. is their any certain way i should take 6 oxo or just as directed? thanks

  2. orally.

  3. some have gotten great results by using it as a suppository. More bioavailibility vs. orally taking it.

    If you didn't get it, that was a JOKE and it should NOT be taken that way

  4. Sorry, Most people take as directed. Some who are bigger (above 200lbs) usually will increase dosage. There are several logs on this in here somewhere. Again most use it in PCT too. Good Luck.

  5. It's a very versatile compound. As a stand alone, take atleast 4 caps (6 is best) with your last meal and make sure the meal has some fat in it.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  6. I have only used this following a SERM in my post cycle, but will add that 4 pills right before bed worked best me.

  7. thanks for the info


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