Making my own Anarchy/UCP-1 stack

  1. Making my own Anarchy/UCP-1 stack

    Since I have some UA left from last year's cycle, and feedback on UCP-1 has been good I thought I'd put together my own cycle. Also I figured since L-Carnitine is another one of the main ingredients in UCP-1 I'd substitute ALCAR for that. For liver protection I will be including milk thistle and R-ALA. With all of those ingredients are in place it looks like I'll only be needing a few ingredients to round out the stack. Here's how it will look:

    250 mg UA
    500 mg ALCAR
    2 g Calcium Pyruvate
    Twice daily, 8-12 hours apart.

    An additional 1-2 g ALCAR split into a few doses daily.

    R-ALA - 100 mg prior to each meal.
    Biotin 1mg w/R-ALA

    Green Tea and extract several times daily.

    Stack will start in two or three weeks, hopefully as a finisher to my cutting cycle corresponding with the end of my ECY cycle, which was added to my Lipoderm Ultra test run. I know it was run kind of backwards but the LU was free from Par for me test run. My preference would have been for the LU to be the finisher but that's the breaks.

    CLA will be left out, anything missing? Critiques?

  2. as far as i know alcar and l-car act in the body almost tottally differnt.. so i dunno if theres a reason why l-car was put in ucp other than alcar.. but alcar may not be a good substitute.. i may be wrong though.. i would suggest using the alcar throughout the day though.. but i dunno if its better for this stack...

  3. Thanks, I was thinking that too but have not seen any evidence why ALCAR would not be preferable to LC if I were to make a substitution.

    Chemo had issued a challenge to see if the members could deduce why LC instead but there was no conclusion. I think Weave was on the right track though.

    I have also added fish oils to the mix as I've found 50 1g caps at Target for $0.70 a bottle. Checked the expiry to make sure it wasn't too soon and it turns out to be 5/06! Only picked up six bottles but will be back for more.
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  4. Anybody else on whether to go with ALCAR and LCAR for this stack or just go with ALCAR?

  5. I tried but gave up too quickly, lol

    According to Chemo, there was a difference in the way it affects the stack; a reason it was chosen above ALCAR. Maybe something to do with replenishing the carnitine pool or something to that effect...if that makes any sense?? Damnit Jim, I'm a porkchop, not a scientist!!

    BTW now I'm on the anarchy stack, UCP-1 and Tight....woohoo!!!

  6. What I'm wondering is if ALCAR has anti-uncoupling effects above and beyond that of LCAR. I'm trying to research this myself but would like to see what others have to say as well. I don't want to order both LCAR and ALCAR if possible but if I have to...

    BTW Chop how's that working for you?

  7. Originally posted by Supa Freek 420
    BTW Chop how's that working for you?
    So far so good! I have only just started this cycle of UCP-1 though, but from the last few cycles I'm expecting good results. As for the 3rd of the stack, I may drop Tight out when I run out, I'd rather focus on Anarchy and UCP I think.

  8. Finally started this cycle. Tired as **** today. Dunno if it's from the UA or the lack of Diesel Fuel Reloaded. "Chewing" (like chewing tobacco) brewed white tea leaves seems to helping though. I will be alternating this w/DFR/ephedrine 2 weeks at a time.
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  9. Rashes started up just before bed last night on my hands. What is interesting is that my previous cycle if I remember right I was at least at 1.5 g daily by the end of it, and no problems. Then I remembered that I forgot to take Claritin in the am. Tried it again after taking Claritin and no problemo today, aside from slight itching that accompanied my first cycle as well.


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