I previously have used supplements including fish oil and omega for years but cant say I have every seen, felt or improved blood test from taking them.

I stopped all supplements a few months back and plan to start back up today and monitor my blood tests and how I feel for 6 months. Need help with qty.

Brief health issues

high hemoglobin - give blood to reduce
Low test - on trt 100mg test e/week
high E - L-dex .25mcg 2x week
hypothyroid - armour 2g/day
depression - lamictal 150mg/day
depression - lexapro 10mg/day

New health issues
stomach problems started Sucralfate 1gm 3x/day & Omeprazole 20mg/day. Maybe stomach ulcer but MRI showed everything fine
Low ferritin - blood test
Low vit. d - blood test

Other blood work is in line except

Flax - 1000mg
ALA (omega-3) - 450mg
LA (omega-6) - 110mg
OA (omega-9) - 110mg
Other - 50mg

Fish Oil - 1000mg
EPA - 100mg
DHA - 120mg

Whey P

Goal is to improve feeling, health,
loose 3-4% BF (mostly around sides and navel)
Get healthier
Lower trig. - 211
Lower LDL - 108
Increase HDL - 44
Increase Ferritin - 14
Lower RDW - 15.6
Increase Vit -D (Blood test showed low, Dr. want 1000mg 2x/day)