Suggestions/Info on new Stack. Thanx

  1. Suggestions/Info on new Stack. Thanx

    I will be taking a new stack soon. I just got off a havoc cycle which gave me great results. It's been years since I took any OTC supps prior to havoc. So I am lovin this world right now. I will be buying my supps starting this week, just want some suggestions.
    I am 6ft. currently 214lbs. 14% bf. not wanting to be heavier than 220. would like to lose an inch in my waist as well as bodyfat. keep strength if not gain some. keep in mind I havent taken most any supps out there. I lived on the other side of the fence for years.
    my ideas.

    and all the others. creatine mono, xtend, protein, MWS.
    I can post pictures so you guys can give more suggestions.
    this is about 7 weeks away, but I like to load up on all my supps gradually. This makes it easier on the wife.

  2. I can really only comment about Stoked since I havent tried any of the other products, but the beauty about Stoked is that it can be added to any stack without problems. I'd be interested in seeing what kind of results you'd get from this particular stack. If you decide to run it make sure to keep us informed.

  3. Oh yes i will>>>
    I'll post results.

  4. bumpedy bump.

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