activate xtreme-primal male?

  1. activate xtreme-primal male?

    can these to be stacked or would this be over kill as far as icarrin and i3c?

  2. Be ready for some killer aggression (I would assume). I like the idea of stacking either those two or Primal Male and Trib Test Extreme (has tribulus and divanil).
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  3. I don't think there would be any issues. There have been guys running POST Cycle Support with Activate and loved it. This would be pretty similar, but not exactly the same. The added I3C wouldn't be there, but that can be dosed relatively high w/o problems. I've seen guys take it at 700-800mg per day. I doubt you get that much, even in combining the two products you have asked about.
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  4. thanks for the help guys.

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