Could you guys have a look at this stack?

  1. Could you guys have a look at this stack?

    Hi... I'm looking to get leaner for the summer. I weight 175 lbs and at a rough estimate 18% body fat. I'm hoping to bust out a six-pack in 4-6 weeks. I have a pretty good diet but I was wondering whether I'm doing anything wrong in terms of taking supplements that may be interfering with each other?

    1) Controlled Labs Red Acidv2 --> 2 tabs in the morning followed by 1 scoop of ON 100% Whey after 30 mins.

    2) 3 tabs Orange Triad with breakfast

    3) Animal Pump 30 mins before workout

    4) Sipping on 2 scoops of Scivation Xtend during the workout

    5) 2 Scoops ON 100% Whey after workout

    6) 2 tabs Red Acid v2 afternoon around 4pm

    7) 3 tabs Orange Triad at dinner around 6:30 pm.

    What do you guys think about this? I'm not sure if that 18% bf estimate is right or not but my abs are already visible there's still some body fat around.

  2. if abs are visible then ur bf is sub 14%

  3. do you like controlled labs? hows red acid? i havent heard alot about it. ive always wanted my abs to show, but never really tried. theres nothing wrong with your supps. and its not all about your supps, your diet, training, cardio, and sleep are the key factors.

  4. I love controlled labs.... I think White Flood was amazing... but I've been travelling to a new gym and I don't want to carry Xtend/Protein/White-Flood/Banana and stuff so I switched to Animal Pump because its in pill form.

    Also Orange Triad is really good. I'm not one to harp on about supplements but I've been doing kickboxing for 2 years and I've recently been practicing Shaolin Kung Fu which is heavy on my joints (ballistic stretching). But after using Orange Triad I feel its really helpful for my joints. Its also helped with great digestion.. as in no more gassy feeling.

    I can't really say much about Red Acid because I've only been on it for a few days..

  5. i looked at orange triad it just seemed too much for multis, yet it does have alot of other beneficial things. keep going with red acid and if you dont see anything in a couple weeks or so then switch. maybe to recreate or something. ive heard lots of good things about recreate i also have a few bottles waiting for me. ggod luck with kickboxing i did a bit a few years ago. great for cardio.



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