weight gainer, mammoth 2500 ???

  1. Question weight gainer, mammoth 2500 ???

    I just bought the 2.2kg bottle of the stuff, mixes very very well, tastes good too. It's by interactive nutrition.
    each serving contains:
    970 Cal
    50g protein
    18g fat
    152g Carbohydrates

    I am looking to bulk up, I have a pretty fast metabolism. I'm taking HALF of each serving, twice a day. Just wanted to know people opinion on this stuff, it has a lot of carbs, that is my one worry. My body fat is 14% right now. I'm train hard and eat well, I just want this to help me build muscle, I know some fat will always come, I just don't want it to get out of hand.
    let me know what you think of this stuff. I have tried N-large before, this stuff is a bit cheaper for me, and has more carbs.


  2. Yes, too many carbs IMO. Most of which are probably sugar and/or maltodextrin. You can make your own high calorie shake without all the simple carbs. Probably cheaper too...

    Pick some of these and blend to your prefered taste and maconutrient ratios:

    Protien powder (blend preferably but whey will work), oats, natural peanut butter, flax, milk, a little fruit.

    Just use your imagination, and do a search for more ideas.
    Good luck.

  3. I agree bro, too many carbs,
    you can mix up your own shakes and it will be alot healthier and help you make leaner gains.

  4. Ill put weightgainer threads right up there with Muscletech threads, as topics that bugs me. Its a fact that most commerical gainers are loaded with maltodextrin as its primary carb source. No doubt you'll put on weight from the excess calorie you're taking in, but quality gains is what we're looking for. Even for an individual with a ridiculous fat metabolism, thinking about a homemade version of a 'gainer' is much more ideal. Some ingredients you can toss into your mix to bump the cals up are oatmeal, peanut butter, milk, flax.....along with your protein powder. You end up with a much better nutritional profile.....

  5. thanks mates, I'm glad I only bought the 2.2kg bottle and not the big one, phew! Well, I'll finish this bottle, but for my next one I will try add my own healthier carbs and follow your advice


  6. Next time a bulk, I think I'm going to try grinding up some Grape Nuts cereal in a coffee grinder and use that as a carb source in my shakes. It might still be too crunchy though...

    Anybody already tried that?

  7. Good source of carbs is your Oatmeal, don't biy into the maltodextrin is good 'cause it's a complex carb. That's what's wrong w/most gainers.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    Good source of carbs is your Oatmeal, don't biy into the maltodextrin is good 'cause it's a complex carb. That's what's wrong w/most gainers.
    19-20 Maltodextrin IS a complex carb slowly absorbed so why isn't it good? Just how long are the glucose chains in oat, that it makes oat superior to maltodextrins?

  9. Half of each serving twice a day doesnt cut it protein wise, unless ur eating a ton more. U need to get 1g per pound of bodyweight at least, 2-3 is great. Example 200=200g of protein per day. This will get u the mass and muscle u want, so if U can, use that weightgainer twice a day, then use some reg whey for the extra protein u get. That way ur getting some cals and alot of carbs, and enough protein. Besides that just eat eat eat and drink drink drink.

  10. Im currently running this weight gainer - Tastes pretty nice but the amount of Sugar in this thing is really putting me off, Cannot wait to finish it so I can change

    inB4 Poverty sticken


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