Mass Fx Question

  1. Mass Fx Question

    Hello All,

    This is my first post on AM and I would like to begin by saying hi! I like to research a supp before I purchase and this board is a great source of information. I have a question on MASS FX. I am about to finish up my first bottle and am going to be purchasing the next bottle. My question is would it be a good idea to complete the next cycle continuing w/ MASS FX or could I change it up w/ MASS FX MAX STRENGTH?

  2. go ahead with mass FX MS you wont be dissapiontd

  3. Thanks alwaysgaining. I'm going to order today.

  4. MassFX Max Strength is so powa~!

  5. max strength for sure. max strength is the same as massfx, just improved with some more synergistic ingredients

  6. Its essentially the same thing with adjusted dosages of the main ingredients (25R-diol and Divanil are a little lower) but with the addition of some solid cast members to compensate (I really want to try it out for the 11-alpha addition.) You will see no ill effects from making the switch and it would fit very nicely after the 1 bottle already run.

  7. Has anyone tried stacking it w/ anything other than the recommended Superdrol or Retain?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TheVindicator View Post
    Has anyone tried stacking it w/ anything other than the recommended Superdrol or Retain?
    Hyperdrol! I've done that. Within the next month, I'll be stacking it with 3-AD. I've heard of folks doing it with Activate Xtreme, too. Any way you go, it's quality.

    Most likely if you are going to purchase that next bottle from any retailer, the new Max version is what you'll get. The new version replaced the old SKU on the store shelves. There may be some old stock floating around, or stashed in people's cabinets.
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