when and how to take glutamine?

  1. when and how to take glutamine?

    I bought the labrada glutamine powder and it says to take it 3 times a day with juice or water.

    Is there any specific times or good times I should take it? Maybe before/after a workout?

    Also how much water should I use? Do I just mix it in?

  2. Oral glutamine supplementation is a highly debated topic on wheter or not it is even an effective supplement and worth taking...

    But since you got it I'd have it pre and post workout and maybe before you go to bed.

  3. Id return it. Take BCAA's or Leucine.

  4. I take 5g in the AM before breakfast mixed with some OJ. Then 5g in the middle of the day with some water and propel packet. Then lastly another 5g in my post workout shake. My workouts are usually at 7 or 8 PM so I spread my doses evenly throughout the day.

  5. how much water or juice do you use? just enough so that it dissolves?

  6. yeah, the goal is just to get it in your body.


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