Running 11-OXO right now... Suggestion for next cycle after this cut? (Mild yet eff)

  1. Running 11-OXO right now... Suggestion for next cycle after this cut? (Mild yet eff)

    Hi Guys,

    Been working out hard again for the last year or so... diet and routine is in check, and I've seen some nice gains with just food/sleep/multi/creatine, but I think I'm ready to take the next step.

    I'm currently running a low dose 11-OXO cut... 4 caps ed with plenty of lean proteins, low carbs, and cardio. Hoping to cut down from 214 to 200, which at 5'11 will get my six pack showing again.

    Main question is this... When I'm done w/ the cut I plan to do a clean bulk and want to throw in something to give me that extra boost for the summer. I'm leaning towards pulsing Epi 3x/wk, with ATD/11-OXO on off days, as seen in Dr.D's gigantic pulsing thread. I'm open to other opinions of the best compound to take though... as I must admit I'm overwhelmed with all the selections after not keeping up with the ph/ds markets for a few years now. Plan to heavily research any compound before I take it... just looking for some direction for the guys more experienced.

    I'm looking for clean/dry gains... with a priority to minimal sides (esp shutdown and liver stress). Also, what are your opinons on the Genera Epi vs. Havoc? I don't want to waste any money, but sure as hell don't want cheap bunk **** either.

    Thanks for any and all help! It's much appreciated.

  2. Bumpin it up.

    Any opinions/recs/thoughts?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SHSUStudent View Post
    Bumpin it up.

    Any opinions/recs/thoughts?
    11-oxo and Epi straight thru, no pulse. You'll need PCT anyways and the 2 you're running don't shutdown hard, so may as well make some better gains from them.
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