please evaluate my stash

  1. please evaluate my stash

    S.A.N. Infusion
    Leviathan Reloaded
    Labrada GlutaLean

    I'm trying to lose fat from my midsection while keeping my lean muscle mass.

  2. ok, i'll give my evaluation since no one else has....

    CreaLean2 -
    expensive CEE
    i personally would stick with regular bulk creatine mono.
    creatine is conducive with your goals of keeping lean muscle during a cut - good choice.

    S.A.N. Infusion -
    again, expensive but may be worthwile out of convenience.
    the ingredient profile is awesome.
    you can make a cheaper shake yourself by throwing in some efa's, oats, and whey/cassien and propably get the same results.
    excellent choice for your goals.

    Leviathan Reloaded -
    excellent thermo + test booster.
    matches your goal perfectly.

    Labrada GlutaLean -
    unnecessary in my opinion if you are already consuming a diet high in protein.
    plus you can get bulk glutamine a lot cheaper than this.
    there are other supps i would chose before i would consider adding this (bcaa, beta alanine, citruline malate).
    if you have it already, take it. it can only help.

  3. what other supps would you consider?

    thanks for the input tho, i'll make those changes after I run out

    i got tired of trying to figure out what i needed and w/e so I just bought all that stuff so I can finally get started instead of waiting around

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