Scar tissue or hernia

  1. Scar tissue or hernia

    Now i know this isnt a supplement question but i need some answers and i want to get some views. Five weeks ago i had umbilical hernia surgery. A week and four days after surgery i was cleared to lift. Yesterday i lifted chest and did abs. Two days before i did a pretty tough lower ab workout. Last nite when getting up from sitting down i had some discomfort and pain in my lower rights abs( close to the incision but not within the diameter of the mesh they put in). Today i hurt a bit and felt a littlke uncomfortable while doing rows. There isnt a lump or anything, but i was wondering if this sounds like scar tissue breaking down, a strained lower ab or a hernia? Could there be scar tisseu outside of the mesh daimeter? The position of the pain is directly half way between my belly button and the position of an iguinla hernia. Ive read a lot and it doesnt seem like u could get a hernia there...........any help would be much appreciAted.

  2. I imagine if you have been out of commission for the last five or six weeks, you should slowly ease back into things. If the pain doesn't subside by Monday or Tuesday I would notify a Doctor, but take it easy for a little bit and re-condition yourself.
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  3. yeah ive been lifting for a couple weeks now with no problems. has anyone had umbilical hernia surgery and can speak about scar tissue breaking down?

  4. it hurts when i have a bowel movement too.

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