Mach's Bulk Ingredients Combo Thread

  1. Mach's Bulk Ingredients Combo Thread

    Hello, I'm Mach .78 and this is the Bulk Ingredients Combo Thread. Jackazz music starts....

    I'm calling on everybody who buys bulk ingredients, owns a scale and throws them together with reckless abandon. I do believe I can reduce the number of containers on my kitchen counter and please the wife at the same time. I'm talking 100 grams of this, 300 grams of that etc...

    What has worked for you? We can even break it down into catagories. Fat loss, pre, post workout, brain blends, etc...
    This is not the place for pretty bottles and multi colored selufane! I want dump truck loads of bulk combos!!!!!
    Don't look at me, I'm trying to get rid of all these bottles!

    Let's see some recipes people.

  2. Ashwaghanda and Gymnema just showed up at the front door. Sweet. Bump.

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