Is this Designer Supplements ActivaTe legit?

  1. Is this Designer Supplements ActivaTe legit?

    I have never seen a DS ActivaTe bottle like this one... is it all good? If it is, when did they make them like this?
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  2. I can't get a good look at that photo, but I'm pretty sure that's one of the old Activate formulas. I believe (once again I can't see it properly) that it was the last bottle design before switching to the Xtreme formula.

  3. yeah i got 2 bottles with that design.

  4. thats the original formula, newer version of the bottle before they released Activate Extreme....

    edit - M ya beat me to it

  5. Please mail me the bottle to my home address so I can perform a more thorough testing of it. :P

    Looks legit - lots of supps change their labels and branding over time. Just make sure you bought it from a store and the cap has not been tampered with.



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