Good pre-sumemr PH stack? And cutter?

  1. Good pre-sumemr PH stack? And cutter?

    So heres the deal, I had a cycle all planned out with test-e at 500 a week + havoc but had some troubles with the deal so im going to shake it off until next winter (that way i wont have to worry about bloating for summer anyway) So looking for suggestions on PH stacks. Ive heard good things about Havoc but not much about it being ran by itself? Also anyone have anything to say on jungle warfare or Trenadrol?

    Also im looking to lose about 2-4%b/f for this summer. Iíve heard good things about Hydroxi-Cut but have never had experience with it?

    Any info appreciated (unless youíre talking **** )


  2. you'll probably get better feedback if you post in the steroids forum.

  3. i am actually doing a cut in may with Epistane and MAN Scorch. that might interest you. might even add in some bronkaid for even more effect.

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