New Zealand Customs and supplements - Official List

  1. New Zealand Customs and supplements - Official List

    Well thought this would come in handy for those living on this little island that always has trouble getting things into it.

    I will start it off with listing what I've got in, and what postage service was used.

    (Fedex) almost always searched by customs

    Green Magnitude
    Green Bulge
    White Flood
    Red Acid Gen2
    Purple Wraath
    Bulk Leucine
    Primaforce Bcaas
    Primaforce cit malate
    Now adam
    Supplement Direct bete alanine
    Primaforce waxy maize
    Poseidon BA
    ON whey (2.5kg's)
    EAS thermodynamix
    Insulean (K-rala etc)

    USPS (2 packages, neither searched by customs)

    Post cycle Support
    Green Bulge
    Life support
    Bulk Leucine
    Bulk B-5 powder

    Others feel free to add to the list....

  2. Fedex

    Massfx (didn't make it in, was deemed a steroid)
    Lipo-6 (Due to having yohimbine)

    Both confiscated (destroyed)

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