kiwi-strawberry nectar

  1. kiwi-strawberry nectar

    Anybody know when it's coming out?

  2. as far as i know it's out. I saw it at DPSnutrition and fitnessone while browsing a couple days ago.

  3. man i know a lot of guys like nectar but the ater taste is way too heavy for me ,syntrax needs to stop using aspartame.

  4. I like it

  5. I use it for pre/post workout shakes since it isn't too bad with malto/dextrose.

  6. I didn't notice an aftertaste, smooth and fresh to me..

    The question I wanna know, when's the orange flavor comin'?

  7. 2 months scorch said on the forum

  8. btw molecular has a similar product called whey fruity that uses splenda instead of aspartame and comes in lemonade and i think fruit punch

  9. I thought the Apple Nectar was good, but then I got to try the Strawberry Kiwi, and wow, that is a real treat!

  10. jeez i should get some of the strawberry kiwi, that just SOUNDS great, lol.

  11. Originally posted by JonBlaze639
    jeez i should get some of the strawberry kiwi, that just SOUNDS great, lol.
    Yes, you should...if you haven't already.

  12. bummin a serving off my buddy tomorrow =)

  13. Ouch, $12 a pound for whey protein isolate. IMO, taste just isn't that important.


  14. when you've been taking then for 5 years and have gotten sick as hell of them, taste is always nice. Not necessary, but nice. =) I figure i spend half that on one meal of fast food, so it's not that much money. More expensive than others but not too bad.

    I'm def buying more, i love it.

  15. I heard that Syntrax will be coming out with an orange flavor soon. That should be good! It also seems pretty competively priced in the current market as well.


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