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  1. Swole V2

    As any of you who dwell in the steroid section know, Bessie is on a very very long cycle of 4 on, and 2 off for about 7-8 months.

    Obviously what sucks is going from roid pumps to that flat and lowly feeling during the 2 week cruises. As an experiment, I used SwoleV2 during this most recent cruise.

    I have used creatine before and all the crap did was bloat me. I must admit, I loved the taste of the orange Swole. I also found it did not bloat me up, and I was (after about a week) getting nice pumps again. Do not get me wrong, they are not dbol 1.5 inch arm pumps, but when your used to that "no pump feeling" during a 2 week cruise, it was definetly noticable, and I feel it has probably helped keep some of my strength up during the cruise.

    Overall, I would say I will be using it for each of my cruises for the next 4 minicycles. The taste rules, and it sure beats the hell out of regular creatine for me.

  2. I was very curious about this, since I noticed many people with similar comments about the pumps from these products.

  3. Most of the new creatine products give you this similar pump. V-12 supposedly gives more pumps because of the AKG.
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  4. When you guys talk about pumps, are you reffering to the actual pumps you get while training, or when for example off days that your muscles just feel fuller? Or both?

    I used V12 for about 4 weeks and I did get pumps during exc. but nothing whatsoever for the long-term. And definately no size or strength gains. I was pretty dispointed to say the least, I even just gave up taking it.

    Must be different for different folks. Maybe Swole V2 is better.

  5. With V-12 I maintained them for a while and definetly felt fuller and thicker. WIth the original Swole it was just around exercise I felt it. It wasn't as intense either but it still was good.
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  6. Apparently the new Swole is worlds ahead of the old Swole.
    I have a tub of V12 and SwoleV2 which I am just about to start and compare them back to back, ill keep everyone updated.

  7. I am finishing up my V-12 while off cycle, and I have a new jug of Swole V2 ready to try afterward. I love the pumps from V-12, always have, I hope V2 is close, as some report it to be.


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