Okay what is unsic acid...

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  1. The studies on UA are numerous. Just do a medline search and you will find many. T-Mag as well as ELite have bashed it but their interpretations of the studies is suspect.

  2. Originally posted by hamper19
    Can we get some links on anything related to this?


    safety issues?

    I think theres a lot to learn on the UA. Granted I just bought some, but theres not much info out there. Lots seem like biased opinions. There is an article in T-mag which isnt too good.

    Lets see some links, and some actual info on the substance itself, done by a non-biased party.

    Would or have any of you done DNP?

    Hamper, there are no published studies regarding usnic acid and fat loss.... Everything we know comes from the few studies regarding it as an uncoupler and through personal feedback.
    I am writing an article about UA right now....

  3. thanks man..lol...I think I got a little carried away with posting about the UA.


  4. Im about to become a guinea pig for this ****..lol

    Im set on using it, so I am about to let some tests be done on my liver or something. Im serious, how do you get your liver enzymes tested.

    Ive had "bloodwork" done, but Im not sure if I ever got the ol liver tested. When people get it checked, do you just ask them to test your liver enzymes or something. Or is it part of the standard "blood work" they do say for a physical.

    what do the docs say if I come in one day get it done, then im back in 2 weeks testing it again. They will be like wtf man. You think?



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