myoplex deluxe

  1. Talking myoplex deluxe

    THE most creamest, fullest, and hardest to clean shake i ever had

    taking this MRP as a last meal on the end of the day. really a recommender.

  2. Having a mrp as your last meal of the day isnt such a great idea Yordi. The Myo Deluxe has 25 grams of carbs, with majority of it derived from maltodextrin. I do agree its pretty darn filling and tasty, but try to stay away from too much carbs so late in the day. A fine mrp for first meal of the day or even before/after a workout. (btw, adding 16oz of water/milk is underdosing......only at 20oz, do i get an actual liquid from the powder, rather than pudding)

  3. They changed the formula. They don't use maltidextrin any more. They use carbs from oats and rice now.

  4. is that right? well that shuts me up. Still wouldnt use a meal replacement has your last meal of the day.

  5. last meal is 1,5 up to 2 hours before i go to bed.
    but i'll switch it around, and make it a part of my breakfast

    and uh, 20 oz, that's like 750 ml?



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