Best tasting supplement

  1. Best tasting supplement

    I am just curious, what is the best tasting supplement that you have ever tried?

  2. Probably purple wrath

  3. I can tell you what the WORST tasting supplement is. Cycle Support (chocolate flavor). I just started on my stash the other day, and good gravy, that stuff is nasty.

    Best smelling supplement: DCP (mmmm... raspberries)

    Best tasting: Optimum Nutrition's Rocky Road 100% Whey.

  4. Donuts!

    No one else had chimed in yet with the smart a** answer of food so I got it out of the way...

    Beverly UMP Vanilla - tastes like cake batter and passes my ultimate test which is whether my kids like it. This is the only protein they both like and ask for from time to time.

    Other Supplement:
    Green magnitude - tastes like an apple jolly rancher, not my usual creatine but they really did do a good job with the flavor on this. I can eat it dry out of the can like candy.

  5. Not counting protein shakes I would have to say may favorite is Lemonade Vasocharge from scivation. I don't know why I like it so much, but something about it is just really appealing to me.
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  6. The Rag...pick any flavor and you won't be disappointed

    For protein anything that xtreme formulations makes is sure to be met with great approval
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  7. Watermelon Xtend for non protein supplements.

    Ergopharm's GF Pro Dutch Chocolate for protein flavors.

  8. I gotta agree on Vasocharge.. Never tried Lemonade but i have tried the berry version, and i hate berry flavored anything, but LOVED it.

  9. Blue Ras or w/e no explode I could drink ALL day. Also grape Xtend was great.

  10. size on no questions asked

  11. Muscle Milk n oats - not really a supp but damn good!

  12. Orange XTEND

    I second the muscle milk and oats for being super yummy!

  13. Crushing Punch Rag
    UP 2.0
    most xtend

  14. ragnarok, any flavor

  15. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023 View Post
    Watermelon Xtend for non protein supplements.
    I second the Watermelon Xtend ! I went through two big jugs of it, and never got tired of the flavor. Was dumb enough to try out the Orange flavor when I got a jug two weeks back, and I was very disappointed !

    As for Muscle Milk, I love all the ones I've tried. The Horchata flavor mixed with 10 oz of cold milk is the $hit !!!

  16. ragnarok say what??? or lemon ice SizeON

  17. Body Octane
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
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  18. Watermelon Primaforce Substance.

  19. USPLabs SuperCissus RX.

  20. UP 2.0 hands down. They are all great. In order of preference

    Choc PB, Vanilla, Choc, Strawberry & banana tied, c&c

  21. Quote Originally Posted by dexterium View Post
    USPLabs SuperCissus RX.
    Hmmm... Righhhhhhtt.
  22. tattoopierced1
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    orange xtend for non protein supp.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    orange xtend for non protein supp.
    Take that back !! [lol]

  24. Lemonade Vasocharge
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    orange xtend for non protein supp.
    orange xtend is pretty damn tasty.


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