DCP question

  1. DCP question

    I have been on my cutting stack for the spring which consists of RPM, DCP and Drive. I have been taking these for 2 weeks and doing a ton of cardio... more than i usually do. My strength and weight are still the same and I jumped on the scale today and it said I am now 230... up 3 pds from where I was 2 weeks ago. My diet has been changed to my normal cutting diet and have read that TTA which is in DCP has a tendency to cause bloating. I am curious if this initial weight gain may be from the water retention?

  2. Could be a combination of water retention, and recomposition (shedding fat while gaining muscle), which is common with DCP.
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  3. DCP is a potent formula that potentiates fatty acids to be released from adipocytes(fat cells) to be used as cellular fuel. This primary method of action is where the recomp effects begin. As you begin to utilize these fatty acids, you not only chip away at your fat stores, but also take advantage of the extra fuel/energy it provides. It is not uncommon to add lean muscle mass while losing fat due to increased training effort and endurance. The end results yield a leaner you with excellent overall recomposition effects.

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  4. hey machine.. just my suggestions.. take a photo before and after.. don't use scale.. btw I run the same stack, except plus AP.. gutlak for us

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