New to this, Got a few questions

  1. New to this, Got a few questions

    So me and a few friends were going to go on M1T, I was going to do one cycle of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off taking somthing to balance the test in the off cycle so i dont get a drop. i was also going to take milk thissel for the liver. but anyways i was wondering some of your opinions on M1T and what to expect in terms of results and side effects

    and i was wondering if i needed an estrogen blocker while i was taking it

    thanks in advance

  2. Read this thread:

    Also, a product like this would be useful during a cycle:

  3. I'm not getting the feeling that you've done a lot of research yet...M1T can have some NASTY sides and long-term consequences!

    What’s your weight, BF%, training experience (how many years), age, height, goals, etc?

    M1T is gonna require a lot more than milk thistle for support supps.

  4. also, M1T is a steroid not a supplement...discussion of steroids is reserved for the steroid forum.

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