Ketosis Diet and carbs

  1. Ketosis Diet and carbs

    To start with, I am just coming off of a 2 week (600 mg per day) Ergopharm 1-AD cycle. MY PCT includes Mass FX Xtreme, Hyperdrol X2, Retain 2, and E-Form. A little bit before the cycle I decided to go ahead and try the ketosis diet (approx 15g-25g carb per day). I found that this diet actually increased my energy, and helped me to drop body fat in no time. I continued this diet while I was "on cycle" and I have never been more ripped. My first question to you is, will I put on body fat that I lost during the cycle while in my PCT, or, with proper nutrition of course, can I retain all the gains made. My next question is about my diet. My protein intake right now is 360g of protein per day, coming primarilly from 100% liq egg whites, Carb free Whey Protein, ham (no carbs), and chicken breast (2 carbs). My protein intake seems to be too high, but because of my minimal carb allowance, the only foods I can find with no carbs are protein shakes and egg whites, both of which are 20+g of protein per serving. Since these are my primary, if not only, source of calories, I take multiple servings at once to boost my calorie count. Is this a waist to take this much protein at one time (60g+)? Also I noticed that one of my contianers of egg white powder has 2g of carbs and 1 g of sugar, is it worth the carbs and the sugar for the benefits of the egg protein?

  2. you are being way too overly anal on the carbs. once you have gone ketogenic, you can be pretty comfy at as high as 50-60g of carbs a day, so long as they are spread out and indirect carbs like what you are talking about. A slice of bread may pop you out, but a cup of broccoli wont, or the carbs in natural eggs.

    how much are you taking in in fats?

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