ECA stack
Creatine Monohydrate
Anabolic Pump
Whey/Casein Protein..

I am currently Trying to cut, now would the anabolic pump interfere with that if I take it as prescribed (abut 50 grams of carbs with each dose 3 times a day)?

I have read reviews, and the manual, but my brain has a hard time processing that i can eat carbs other than before and after i workout which is what im used 2.

The reason i am asking is for 100% clarification, and if anyone else has any recommendations for cut, let me know...and yes....i am very very very good with my eating, the problem now is getting down below 7% bodyfat legit (from around 10%)

p.s. would i take anabolic pump before and after i workout?

I am a rookie when it comes to supplements, but i am very involved with my workouts...
anabolic pump is 50 dollars, the insulin explanation makes it seem like it works, but have you guys had true success with it? (ive read some logs, just want some more oppinions)