need supplement stack recommendations! help appreciated!

  1. need supplement stack recommendations! help appreciated!

    hey guys, I haven't really taken any of these new supplements in a while because most I've tried in the past turned out to be all hype. I've taken ph/ps's in the past, but I've decided I don't want to go that route anymore. Currently, I take creatine ethyl ester, protein, multi vitamans. I want to put together a stack to help me lean out and gain a little mass. I'd like to incorporate Anabolic Pump with some other stuff. I was thinking possible retain 2 or something along the lines. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also, I would like to keep this stack somewhat reasonably priced. Thanks!

  2. Any question I have is whether or not a fat burner would be any good for me if I currently take adderall pretty much daily. I'm in college, and it really helps me stay focused. I'm thinking the adderall is a stronger fat burner than anything and that an additional one, stimulate or non stimulant, wouldn't be of benefit. Opinions please... thanks!

  3. if u feel as though adderall is a stim for u, then run i how u have been and look into DCP (non stim fatburner)

  4. DTH, thats all i got to say

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