Medical Question

  1. Medical Question

    I know this dosnt belong here, but this seems like the most visited forum and I was not sure where else to post this. For about the last month, I get these random cramps in my chest. The pain, while not horribly severe, is bad enough to make me grimmace. Theres no set time when it happens or any warning. It usually occurs when I'm sitting down in my left pec/chest. It lasts about 3 or 4 seconds and then goes away. I was thinking about going to a doctor about it but then it went away for a week or two. Now I got another one tonight. I mean i'm only 18 so I didn't think much of it at first. Any input would be highly appreciated. Thanks Guys.

  2. Hey -- is it in the muscle (intensifies when you flex it and subsides if you massage it), the nip (near the skin), or deep (beyond muscular/physical stimulation)?

    If it's in the muscle then you probably just strained it -- I get occasional pangs in random muscles occassionaly -- especially if I destroyed them within a few days.

    Deep is the only thing I would be concerned about cause that is essentially where your heart is -- and that might be a little cause for concern.

  3. Yeah man it is probably just a cramp or something. It has happened to me a thousand times. I even got an ekg to check it out and they said it was nothing at all.

  4. If there is no other symptoms that accompany the cramp,( i.e. shortness of breath, palpitations, back pain, etc) and it's not directly associated with exercise, then it's most likely not your heart causing it. Do you have stomach issues like GERD or ulcers? If so, then those can sometimes cause chest discomfort.

  5. lots of things could cause it. i would say you should still get it checked by a dr.



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