Exhaustion and hyperdrol, mass fx, retain stack

  1. Exhaustion and hyperdrol, mass fx, retain stack

    I have been taking hyperdrol, mass fx and retain for 5 days now. I have been feeling exhausted lately at nite time and can hardly keep my eyes open. My sleeping hasnt changed at all and the only thing ive changed is taking this stack. does it make one very very sleepy?

  2. Anything that boosts test tends to make me sleep better. However, it sounds like that stack is making you lethargic. How's your carb intake? Perhaps the improved nutrient partitioning is causing you to experience some hypoglycemia or maybe it's just a matter of adjusting to the supplements and the hormonal changes that they precipitate. It sounds like that stack is designed to boost test while lowering estro and cortisol. That's some serious hormonal manipulation and may take a few days to get used to.

  3. yeah thats very true. I used to get hyperglycemia a lot and this isnt it. I guess that all makes sense though.

  4. Yep - that's why we say diet is very important. You'll probably notice increased hunger. When the body is telling you to feed, it....you should probably feed it!! Know the difference between hunger and cravings and you'll not have that tendency to get fat - rather fuel the truck when it's running low on diesel.

    If you'd like, post up a sample of your diet and the dosing you're taking and we'll be glad to take a look at it.

    Also, and this really should go unsaid, but... GET SOME SLEEP!!! Your body NEEDS it to recover from the day, recharge your brain, and rebuild what you tore down in the gym. Sleep is crucial! If you can squeeze one in, take a power nap in the early afternoon. It used to work wonders when I could do it!!!
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  5. how much of retain are you taking and when?

    retain makes me tired and sleepy, i take it at night, IF needed.

  6. i take it in the morn but i really dont get tired til about 5.


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