RPM/Drive/DCP/AP - my summer recomp stack ... opinions welcome

  1. RPM/Drive/DCP/AP - my summer recomp stack ... opinions welcome

    I've had great results with RPM/Drive/IGF-2/Neovar during the winter with some big strength and size increases ... but I still have a tire that I haven't been able to get rid of for a while ... it has gotten smaller, but I'm still not completely happy with the way I look (if any of us did we wouldn't be here) so I finally decided that this is the year that I'm going to trim the waist down and show off some of the gains I've made that are hidden under my lingering fat ... the biggest addition will be adding evening cardio to my regimen (the bane of my existence) ... I'm currently on Max-OT and loving it

    this will be my first time using DCP and AP (just finished reading the AP Manual again) and I think I have the timing worked out for all of the supps ... most people workout later in the day than I do and it's always a challenge to find logs with a similar schedule ... this is what I have so far and I'd like to know if anything looks out of order

    4:00am - wake up (2 x RPM, 4 x Drive, 2 x DCP, 1 x AP)
    4:30am - pre shake
    5:15am - workout (PW/Xtend)
    6:30am - post shake (GFH or Relentless)
    7:45am - meal 1 (breakfast)
    10:00am - meal 2 (snack)
    11:30am (2 x DCP, 1 x AP)
    12:00pm - meal 3 (lunch)
    1:00pm - (2 x Drive)
    3:00pm meal 4 (snack)
    5:30pm - cardio
    6:00pm (2 x DCP, 1 x AP)
    6:45pm - meal 5 (dinner)
    8:00pm meal 6 (pre-bed shake)

    I'm 5'11, about 208#'s, and I'd say bf is anywhere in the range of 15-20% ... I wish I could give a better approximation on the bf, but my gym only has a digital monitor ... a couple of times it has had me over 30% so I can't say it's accurate in the least

    other supps:
    Multi: Orange Triad - 2 @ 3 meals
    Joints: Bulk Super Cissus - 1 serving with every meal
    Sleep: Abyss - when needed
    Protein: ON Whey and Ultra Peptide

    let me know if I left anything out

  2. I would move the 2 1:00 PM Drive to 5:00PM and move the last dose of DCP to 5:00 too, taking both pre-cardio. This will help with not only stamina during your cardio, but will better take advantage of the increased release of fatty acids during exercise.

  3. thanks ... I'll shift those two dosages around

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