anyone tried this ? was reading something about "sport pharmacology in the soviet union " and this product came up . the article says :
Cerebrolecithin is a product containing phosphorus and optimizing energy balance through stimulating lipid metabolism. It is obtained from the brains of cattle and is manufactured in pills each containing 100 micrograms of lecithin. To stimulate recuperation on the daily dose of cerebrolecithin is 3-6 pills. Lecithin belongs to phosphorylated lipids-phosphatides. It's formula includes glycerin, fatty acids, preferably unsaturated, phosphoric acid, and amine-alcohol-choline. Lecithin is a constant component of all biomembranes. It is the main source of phosphate groups and labile energy, and of choline. The latter is essential precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Lecithin stimulates the ATPase activity as well as the functional rate of the oxidative enzymes in the mitochondria. It improves the utilization of carbohydrates, aerobic oxidation of lactic acid (gluconeogenesis), normalizes the pH and increases the resistance of the organism to oxygen deficiency. It also increases the sensitivity of neuron endings to neurohormones with the effect on muscle tonus, reflexes, and total coordination. In practical medicine, cerebrolecithin is used to arrest the development of atherosclerosis.