Help with my supps!

  1. Help with my supps!

    Hey guys, 18 year old here that doesn't have a lot of money to spend on supps at the moment (gas prices are ridiculous, and girls are expensive) and I'm asking all the educated which of these following supps to buy!

    I currently use...

    Ragnarok (non-caffeinated)
    Fish oil

    The supps I'm looking to buy are

    Leviathan Reloaded

    I don't currently need to lose weight because I run a ton, but it it would be nice to not have to worry about it at all.... I'm not a competing BBer and I do enjoy eating out with friends occasionally so I'm thinking that the DCP/Lev Re would be nice to keep my physique and never feel a little guilty about a burger now and then.

    P-slin sounds fun because I can eat carbs Poseidon all around has great reviews.... and Xtend is apparently a must have for all lifters? I'm having trouble deciding what to buy...

    Thanks guys.

  2. hmmm hard man...on a budget id probly go for the poseidon..and maybe DCP....

    those are all great products. Since you dont really need a fat burner the Leviathan could wait. DCP would be effective cause you said you like to eat out here and there.

    Poseidon for me is awesome, great all around product, even noticed it made my skin look better!

    PSlin is great, grrrr....hard to chose man...

  3. Well I think it depends on a few things.

    What body type are you (do you gain fat easily or do you have trouble putting on muscle?) You didn't really clarify your goals, are you looking to build muscle or just maintain your current build?

    Those are all great products and you can't really go wrong with any of them. Personally if funds allowed I would add in the Xtend (have been using it for over 2 years now and love it,) Anabolic Pump rather than P-Slin (because it sounds like your more worried about overall body composition and being able to intake carbs consistently throughout the day which Anabolic Pump will be better for,) and DCP (again because you seem like you are more interested in controlling fat gain if you go out to eat or something.)

    Honestly all of those supplements are top notch but from what I took from your post and your desires I would go with that stack.

  4. poseidon is some goods. id check into it. or any BA product. intraXcell would be my choice

  5. Good advice above. Yea that is a bunch of good things to choose from. I would say poseidon first as it has many benefits then i would go with DCP if you have enough. That should help you with controlling the damage of eating not so clean(aptly named damage control protocol lol)
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  6. You 170lbs and your worrying about putting on a little weight, come on now.

  7. 6ft 2 and 170lbs? I would agree with the above post man. The easiest way to make your stomach look leaner is to make your chest back legs and arms look bigger! Get you some instant mass and hit those weights hard

  8. Whatever you choose. Don't end up spending all your money on several supps though=P If you find it hard to choose, try one and spend the rest of your cash on food=P If it didn't work as well as you expected then try something else. At least you didn't end up buying several bottles of the same crap=P I think food generally is one of the most underrated growth factors.

    And dude, think I read you were 6 feet 2" and 170. You can definetly put on more weight! I'm 5, 10" and 176 and I know I can put on alot more weight before worrying about my stomach or carb intake.


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