Water intake regulation question..

  1. Water intake regulation question..

    better to hydrate yourself by chugging massive amounts of water at once in a short period or sipping on water throughout the day. let me know how you guys manage this and what you do throught the day as far as water intake.

  2. as with food, supplements, drugs or anything else, moderation is key. Sip it all day rather than chug is what I do, unless very thirsty.

  3. yup i put down 1-1.5 gals a day but it takes all day
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  4. i tend to just have a gallon jug of water with some poseidon and sip it throughout the day. No need to chug water really. The only time i guess you could say i "chug" water is pre/during/post workout when i am on GG. Just sip it throughout the day tho
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