p6 extreme black...

  1. p6 extreme black...

    anyone ever takin this? jusst had a friend call me adn ask about it...
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  2. guess not
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  3. uhhh you gotta give it more than 25 mins time before responding back. Be patient someone will answer.

  4. Taking Black P6 Now

    I am currently taking the extreme black p6 and I'm on my third week. It doesnt make miracles, but its works. It increased my strength, but most of all it made my muscles harder, more lean.

  5. its tren xtreme, 1,4ad and a third prohormone. its way underdosed.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    anyone ever takin this? jusst had a friend call me adn ask about it...
    Don't know much on details about it, but I think my older brother was taking that and one called "platinum" as well. He seemed to enjoy them though.
    I remember them being a bit pricey though.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by miguel gonzal View Post
    why do you say that?
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  8. all i know its made my cellucor and its like a PH stack in one pill. I havent read anything about anyone taking this so you cant give you any reference to logs. Im sure its not for a first time user.

  9. Hey I wanted to add 1 pill of spawn to the last four weeks of my p6 black cycle.I want to know what you guys think?

    it would make 120 mg of tren,8 mg of epistane,androsta-1, 4-diene-3, 17-dione 200mg,and androstene-1-ene-3b-ol, 17-one- 3rd gen adro 175mg


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